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As of June 2001, the situation is roughly as follows: Astronauts vinyl is getting harder to find, you should reckon on looking in specialist shops and paying high prices. The only exception to this is 'In Defence Of Compassion'; a few copies of which are still available, details available by email. You can try Dizzy Positivity for 'Up Front and Sideways' (no recent info), but the other tapes are all long gone. The situation should be better for CDs - the first two albums and You're All Weird should still be available. Try contacting either the record companies or distributors given below. If there's other stuff you're after either contact us or look here again from time to time - the situation may improve. Also, if you join the mailing list you'll be kept up to date. You can also try the Acid Stings web site to see if they have anything available.
Irregular Records You're All Weird CD
AK Press You're All Weird CD
Reviewed and quoted as new stock item, 12, in 2001 Catalogue
LazyDog-50.gif Peter Pan hits The Suburbs
It's All Done With Mirrors
Both reissues on CD
Dizzy Positivity Dizzy Positivity Recordings
P.O. Box 53
Whitley Bay NE26 1YY
Upfront And Sideways
Status not known

Astronauts on Vinyl: Singles & EPs
Picture Sleeve The Astronauts EP Bugle Blast 1 1979
Picture Sleeve Restricted Hours Stevenage Rock Against Racism unnumbered 1979
Picture Sleeve Pranksters in Revolt Bugle Blast 5 1980
Picture Sleeve Constitution/Please don't Come Round Tonight Acid Stings ASR 16 1990
Picture Sleeve Baby Sings Folksongs FARCE STARK #31 1999

Astronauts on Vinyl: LPs
Album Sleeve Peter Pan Hits The Suburbs Bugle/Genius Genius 001 1981
Album Sleeve It's All Done By Mirrors All the Madmen MAD 5 1983
Album Sleeve Soon All the Madmen MAD 11 1986
Album Sleeve The Seedy Side Of... All the Madmen MAD LP 005 1987
Album Sleeve In Defence of Compassion Acid Stings ASR 15 1989

Astronauts on CD
CD Cover Peter Pan Hits The Suburbs Lazy Dog LZDCD 801 1994
CD Cover It's All Done By Mirrors Lazy Dog LZD 805 1995
CD Cover You're All Weird Irregular IRR 041 2000?

Astronauts on Cassette
Cassette Insert Only Fools and Optimists Anarres ASC 001 1982/83
Cassette Insert Peter Pan Hits The Suburbs/It's All Done With Mirrors Acid Stings ASR 5 1989
Cassette Insert Up Front and Sideways Dizzy Positivity BG 1 1995

Cassette Insert Essence Rare Vol. I Essence Rare Tapes LIG 1 1980 Compilation tape put together by Mark Randles and Ian Hodgkinson featuring various local bands. Includes Fatigue and Protest Song by The Astronauts as well as songs by Bob Green, Bodily Head, and Naked Lunch
CD Cover Grown in the Garden Bloomin Good Records BG 1 1995 Compilation CD celebrating 75th Anniversary of Welwyn Garden City, features Astronauts track The Diary, as well as contributions from Lol Coxhill and Veryan Weston, amongst others
CD Cover nutters with attitude Mad Pride Good Records   2001 Compilation fundraiser for Mad Pride, 20 tracks, includes Astronauts track Robot Ways. Available from Also includes Nikki Sudden, P.A.I.N, The Fish Brothers, Alternative TV, etc.
CD Cover Muzak From The Basement #2 Beat Bedsit Records Base 05 2001 Compilation CD from Brighton label Beat Bedsit. Includes The Fourth Way, also features Steve Lake, Wreckless Eric, Robb Johnson. Details from

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