History of The Astronauts

"Confusion may have been a more evocative name for our merry combo."

A potted history will appear here eventually.


If you're not familiar with the music of The Astronauts, or even if you are, here's a list of other bands and artists that they have been compared to:
Incredible String Band
Here & Now
TV Smith
Jim Morrison
Patti Smith
The Wurzels KLF

And here's a list of bands that they have gigged with:
Here & Now
Dire Straits
Duran Duran
Blyth Power
Alan Clayson
Leon Rosselson
Psychic TV
John Cooper-Clarke

And here's a list of all the people who've played in the Astronauts:

Stuart Baker
Kay Beckett
Phil Beckett
Chris Bland
Dave Bland
Terry Cain
Julian Cooper
Alan Cowley
Ian Cowley
Angus Duprey
Ronald Duprey
Roy Falla
Richard Ford (Rico)
Arup Ghosh
Jason Gray
Bob Green
Nick Lacey
Charlie Lynch
Ivan McTaggart
Adi Maddox
Martin Meadows
Dave Miller
Tim Nixon
Tony Peake
Stuart Pearson
Matt Russell
Russell Seal
Andrew Storke
Phil Thornton
John Turner
Gordon Walker
Paul Walker
Lynn Walters
Luke Welch
Mark Wilkins
David Woods

Please let me know of any additions or corrections to these lists. Apologies for any omissions,
which are quite unintentional.

The following have played with or guested on Astronauts recordings
Nigel Jolly
Martin Lawrie
Pete Cox
Malcolm Rogers
Brian Auldwinkle
Boyd Sims

Nik Turner
Lol Coxhill
Veryan Weston