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Peter Pan Hits The Suburbs/It's All Done By Mirrors

Acid Stings, ASR 5, 1989
Side 1 - Peter Pan Side 2 - It's All Done By Mirrors
1. Everything Stops For Baby 1. Seagull Mania
2. Protest Song 2. New Dixieland Blues
3. Sod Us 3. Gold At The Top
4. The Traveller 4. Blood
5. How Green Was My Valley 5. Typically English Day
6. Still Talking 6. Behave Yourself
7. Baby Sings Folk Songs 7. Fatigue
8. How Long Is A Piece Of String 8. Gothic Rooms
9. Amplified World 9. Day To Day
10. Midsummer Lullaby 10. Latin and Greek
  11. It's All Done By Mirrors

Personnel and Technical Info: See the LPs page for details
Music & Lyrics: Mark Astronaut
Artwork: Fred Bloggs

The vinyl editions of the first two albums had long sold out, yet demand continued to grow. This was an economic re-release for all the new fans who were appearing.

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Only Fools And Optimists

Anarres - ASC 001, Winter 1982/83
Side 1  
1. New Dixieland Blues Revised Stars and Stripes
2. Seagull Mania Baby sings Folksongs, the fourth and final part.
Dedicated to all schizophrenic ornithologists.
3. Blood  
4. Gold At The Top dedicated to Judy Garland
5. Behave Yourself Influenced by the riots of Summer 1983
6. Typically English Day What you don't know doesn't hurt you
Side 2  
1. Sorry For Roy and Max
2. Political Stances Let's make our dances come straight from the heart
3. Problems It's massive that baby, a tribute to Michael Fish
4. New Drummer Boy Blues By the Beverley Mutants
5. Bodies In The Bath Part 2
6. Behave Yourself Dub Nearly a version/nearly aversion

Personnel: Mark Astronaut (vocals), Lol Coxhill (soprano sax), Gordon Walker (keyboards), Tim Nixon (violin), Bob Green (guitar), Stuart Pearson (guitar), Matt Russell (guitar), Ian COwley (drums), Paul Walker (drums)
Music & Lyrics: Mark Astronaut
Published by:
Recorded: Alaska Studios (London) & Quest (Luton), Tim, Gordon, & Steve's houses
Produced by:
Artwork: Clifford Pearce

"For those people fortunate enough to be acquainted with the music of The Astronauts,this cassette is a rare treat indeed. Side 1 has the added bonus of having two tracks featuring the superb soprano saxophone playing of Lol Coxhill. This side consists of 6 songs recorded in a 16-track studio by various combinations of The Astronauts. They are all professional quality recordings intended for future release on vinyl. Side 2 is a bonus for those of us who have followed Mark's work over the years. It also contains 6 songs, 5 of which were recorded in the more informal surroundings of the various Astronauts domiciles. Obviously, the recording quality on this material is not of the same high standard as Side 1, but nonetheless the songs themselves are of enormous quality and interest and we felt we could not pass up the opportunity to release these rare tapes."

The songs on side 1 went on to become side 1 of It's All Done By Mirrors.

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Up Front And Sideways

Dizzy Positivity - BG 1, 1995
Side A. Side B.
1. For The Sake Of The Art 1. The Diary
2. High Board 2. If Only Time
3. The Riff 3. Silence
4. Please Don't Come 'Round Tonight 4. It Takes All Sorts
5. Far Away 5. Bungalow
6. Is The Revolution Coming? 6. Old Songs
7. Constitution  

Personnel (Side A): Mark Astronaut (vocals), Kay (backing vocals), Phil Beckett (guitar), Stuart Baker (guitar), Nick Lacey (bass), Angus Duprey (drums), Ronald Duprey (keyboards)
Personnel (Side B): Mark Astronaut (vocals), Kay (backing vocals), Rico (guitar), Luke Welch (guitar), Phil Beckett (guitar), Dave Bland (bass), John Turner (drums)
Additional Instruments: Malcolm Rogers (violin) and Brian Auldwinkle (flute) on High Board, Constitution & If Only Time; Mark Astronaut (occasional keyboards)
Music & Lyrics: Mark Astronaut
Published by:
Produced by:

Originally indended as an LP for Acid Stings, eventually appeared on tape from the Dizzy Positivity label.