The Astronauts - A Discography

Picture Sleeve

The Astronauts EP

Side A Side A
All Night Party (2.40) Survivors (5.45)
Back Soon (2.30)  
Everything Stops The Baby (0.45)  

Bugle Records - Blast 1, 1979
Personnel: Max (bass+guitar), Mark Astronaut (vocals), Roy (guitar)
Additional Musicians: Martin Lawrie (keyboards, Pete Cox (drums), Alan Cowley (guitar), 'The Astrotones' (backing vocals).
Music & Lyrics: Mark Astronaut
Recorded: Wokingham
Produced by: Alan Clayson
Engineer: Nick Horne
Artwork: Huw

The first outing on vinyl was a 45rpm EP with picture sleeve and promo sticker, recorded by the original line up. Everything Stops The Baby was the short version. All Night Party and Survivors were re-issued on Soon, whilst Back Soon and ESTB reappeared on the Peter Pan CD.

Picture Sleeve

Restricted Hours

That Side This Side
Getting Things Done (2.45) (The Syndicate)
Still Living Out The Car Crash (4.30)  

Stevenage Rock Against Racism - 19-20.8.1979
Personnel: Mark Astronaut (vocals), Alan Cowley (guitar+bass). Gordon Walker (home made synth)
Handclaps: The Band, Christine, Gareth, Mick, Shaun
Music & Lyrics: Mark Astronaut
Recorded: The Crypt, Stevenage
Produced by: Grant Showbiz & Restricted Hours
Engineer: George Peckham
Artwork: Gareth

These were Astronauts songs recorded under the name Restricted Hours and put out as one side of an EP produced as a fund-raiser for the Stevenage Rock Against Racism. The other side of the EP featured another WGC band, The Syndicate. Getting Things Done was re-released as a bonus track on the It's All Done by Mirrors CD; Car Crash has yet to be re-released.

Picture Sleeve

Pranksters in Revolt EP

This Side Other Side
Young Man's World We Were Talking
Moderation Is Boring Big Ben

Bugle Records - Blast 5, 1980
Personnel: Mark Astronaut (vocals), Alan Cowley (guitar/bk voc), Max (bass), Gordon Walker (synth), Phil Thornton (synth percussion), Ian Cowley (drums)
Additional Musicians: Christine (bk voc on Moderation is Boring), Shaun, James, & Nigel (dementia on big ben)
Music & Lyrics: Mark Astronaut
Recorded: The Crypt, Stevenage
Produced by: Phil Thornton
Engineer: Simon Jones
Mastered By: George Peckham
Artwork: Simon Chase & Huw

The second Astronauts record was a 33rpm EP with picture sleeve and lyric sheet. The line up had gone through a few changes by this point. Young Man's World and We Were Talking were later re-released on Soon. Big Ben and Moderation is Boring finally reappeared on the It's All Done by Mirrors CD.

Picture Sleeve


Side A Side B
Constitution Please Don't Come 'Round Tonight

Acid Stings Records - ASR16, 1990
Personnel: Mark Astronaut (vocals), Kay Beckett (bk vocals), Phil Beckett (guitar), Stuart Baker (guitar), Nick Lacey (bass), Angus Duprey (drums)
Additional Musicians: Ronald Duprey (keyboards), Malcolm Rogers (violin), Brian Auldwinkle (flute)
Music & Lyrics: Mark Astronaut
Produced by:
Artwork: Robin Basak & Jouni Waarakangas

The first true single - the others were EPs.
Picture Sleeve

Baby Sings Folksongs

Side A
Baby Sings Folksongs

FARCE Records - STARK #31, 1999
Recording Details: See LP description
Music & Lyrics: Mark Astronaut

The Peter Pan cut put out in Germany as a one-sided single