The Astronauts - Privacy Policy

This is just a brief note about our attitudes to privacy, the World Wide Web, and the Internet. We do not intentionally record any personal details of visitors to these pages, except where explicitly stated. Any personal details volunteered via web forms or other means will be used solely by The Astronauts or their associates, and will not be released to other bodies, in particular commercial organisations, without permission.

We use a free access tracker to log visits to this site. This records technical information, such as your IP number, operating system, browser. It does not store personal information such as your name or email address. See their website for full details. If you don't like this then email me and I will tell you how to avoid this.

Currently, the only information we will record is your email address, but only if you submit it for addition to our mailing list. It will only be used to send out emails to you. We don't use cookies or any techy stuff like that either.

If you think there's anything I've forgotten or got wrong, or if you have any other comments on this subject, then send me an email.