Manipulating the Family Tree in the Flash Viewer

The family tree viewer requires an additional Flash player to be installed in your browser. You may have this already as many other websites require it too. If you do not have this plug-in or do not want to install it you can look at the static printable version of the tree instead.

Zoom Control

Use the Zoom buttons to zoom in or out of the family tree, so that you can see the whole tree to get an overview or focus on one part in greater detail.

Pan Control

To pan (move the tree around) position the mouse pointer anywhere near the centre of the screen. It does not need to be on the tree itself. Then, holding down the left mouse button, move the mouse and drag the tree around you can see the part you want.

More details

If you click on a person in the tree (with the left button), a pop-up window will display more details of the person.