I am slowly developing on-line presentation of everything that I have discovered whilst researching the family lines listed below. Full access to this information is restricted to family members for a number of reasons: Having said that, basic family trees up to approximately 1900 are freely available, via the tables below. The information contained within them is all in the public domain already - that is where I found it, in the main. My hope is that sufficient material will be visible to search engines such as Google, with the result that distant relatives may find this site and get in contact.

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Before You Start ...

The focus is of this research is naturally based on my own particular viewpoint, but due to the close links between many of the families involved there should be plenty of material to interest most of my closer relatives. Anybody not familiar with the complexity of the family relationships should start with this simple overview to get an idea of the basic structure.

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  Gibson Descendants of Edward Gibson and Margaret Thomas, of St. Petersburg, Russia (1880s - 1918) and then London, England.
Harding Tree
Harding Descendants of William Francis Harding, born 1826, St Pancras, Middlesex. He went to India, where he served in the army for many years. He married Rebecca Angelica Kidd. On retirement they returned to England and their son went on to marry Augusta Anne Lord.
Lord Tree
Lord George Lord, born Pentonville 1827, served in the East India Company, Branch Pilot on the Hooghly River, Bengal Pilot Service. Married Anne Louisa Dawes, born 1831 Calcutta, later retired to England. Their daughters married William Rowe Williams and Lester Walter Harding.
Newton Tree
Robert Newton from Dundee married Rosamond Williams in Kingston, Jamaica in 1920. This is a history of the Newtons back to 1764.
Williams Tree
Williams The Descendants of Lewis Williams who emigrated to Jamaica in 1671. In particular descendants of his great-great-great-great-grandson William Rowe Williams (1844 - 1906), who married Alice Lord in Calcutta, 1870, who are mainly to be found in England and the United States. Also the descendants of W.R. Williams two brothers: Rowland Ashby Williams (1846-19xx), who settled in the United States, and Raby Robert Williams (18xx-19xx), who settled in Canada.
Dawes Tree
Dawes The family of Walter Dawes who settled in Calcutta in the late 18th century. Anne Louisa Dawes (b. 1831) married George Lord (see above).
Tonnochy Tree
Tonnochy Thomas Tonnochy was a Scottish soldier in the Bengal Army. He arrived in India in 1778 and his granddaughter married Weeden Dawes in 1830.
Kidd Tree
Kidd Rebecca Angelica Kidd was born in Dinapore, Bengal in 1836. She married William Francis Harding and raised a family in India, before going to England on her husband's retirement from the Indian Army.
Webster Tree
Webster George Webster and descendants, 19th century millers in the Lea Valley. George Marshall Webster (1860 - 1893) was Augusta Lord's first husband; their daughter Dorothy Webster married William Bruce Keith Williams.

Other surnames linked by marriage are: Aikman, Charter, Cover, Browne, Yeeles, Swinhoe, Blythe, Roussac, Rowe, Smith, Keith. Please contact me if you can connect any of these names to those tabulated above.

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